About AEA

The Armenian Economic Association NGO is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, organization dedicated to promoting Armenian scholarship in

The aims of the Armenian Economic Association (AEA) are:

  • to contribute to the development of economics education
  • to encourage the research and study of economic activity
  • to develop and promote cooperation among academic, private, and public sector researchers
  • to develop and promote cooperation with international scholars and educators, and educational and research institutions
  • to provide a platform for the free and open discussion of economic and public policy issues

AEA was founded in 2006. We are mostly young academics, PhDs or soon to be PhDs, trained in economics and finance in Europe and
North America joined with academics and researchers in various institutions in Armenia.

AEA carries its activities online by volunteer members, and does not maintain an office. Please use
Contact us for any inquiries.

Board of Governors

Aleksandr Grigoryan (President), American University of Armenia, PhD in Economics, University of Turin

Gurgen Aslanyan, Central Bank of Armenia, PhD in Economics, CERGE

Vahagn Jerbashian, University of Barcelona, PhD in Economics, CERGE, and PhD in Mathematics, Yerevan State Polytechnic University

Vardan Baghdasaryan, Amercian University of Armenia, PhD in Economics and Finance, Catholic University of Sacred Heart (Milan, Italy)

Vardan Urutyan, International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education, PhD Armenian State University of Economics

Zareh Asatryan (Executive Director), Zew Germany, PhD Economics, University of Freiburg

Shushanik Hakobyan (editor, Armenian Journal of Economics), Fordham University, PhD Economics, University of Virginia


AEA has no funding sources. It relies on the voluntary spirit of its members, event participants, and donor community. Donation may
be sent to:
Armenian Economic Association
AEA Newsletters
In 2017, we launched the AEA newsletter to keep you abreast of developments related to AEA and its members as well as solicit
your views and suggestions for future activities and tasks. Please let us know about topics of interest to you for inclusion in our
newsletter and how we can further engage you in featuring your research and research activities.

January 2017