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Best Paper Awards

Armenian Economic Association has two annual awards, a number of awards that are given in cooperation with other organisations, and some ad hoc awards (usually in cooperation with others). Some awards have been terminated.

2019 Recipients of Best Papers

Armen Alchian Award:
Armenak Antinyan, Curbing the Consumption of Positional Goods: Taxing vs. Nudging, Wenlan School of Business, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China

Grigor Artsruni Award (young scholars):
Davit Adunts, The Effect of Temporary Parental Absence on the Educational Performance of Children Left Behind’? CERGE-EI Geghetsik Afunts, Out-of-Wedlock Fertility: Changes in Fertility Decisions with Unilateral Divorce Laws, CERGE-EI, Charles University in Prague

IMF Award:
First: Karen Poghosyan, On the applicability of dynamic factor models for macroeconomic forecasting in Armenia, Central Bank of Armenia
Second; Stella Mnoyan, Exchange Rate Pass-through in Armenia, Central Bank of Armenia

Voskeni Wines Award for Agricultural and Environmental Economics:
Armen Asatryan and Lusine Tadevosyan, Factors affecting milk productivity in Armenia, ICARE and Armenian National Agrarian University

2018 Recipients of Best papers

Armen Alchian Award:
Nikolaos Artavanis, Tax Evasion and VAT Rates: Evidence from a Setting with Limited Tax-Shifting, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

Grigor Artsruni Award (young scholars):
Zurab Abramishvili, An Impact Evaluation of Mass Replacement of School Principals in Georgia, International School of Economics in Tbilisi, Georgia

IMF Award: Haykaz Igityan, Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy in Different Phases of Armenia’s Business Cycle, Central Bank of Armenia

Voskeni Wines Award for Agricultural Economics:
Veronika Jaghinyan, Economic Analysis of Healthy Food Labels in Armenia, Armenian National Agrarian University

C-Quadrat award for best student paper in pension economics and portfolio management:
Robert Yenokyan, Developing a framework for forecasting financial time series using Wavelet-LSTM hybrid model, American University of Armenia

2017 Recipients of best papers

Armen Alchian awards
Asymmetries in Monetary Policy Uncertainty: New Evidence from Financial Forecasts, Tatevik Sekhposyan, Texas A&M University, USA, with Tatjana Dahlhaus, Bank of Canada

Politicized Trade: What Drives Withdrawal of Trade Preferences? Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan and Martin Gassebner, Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany

Grigor Artzruni award — young scholars
New-Keynesian Phillips curve in a small open economy under Bertrand competition and endogenous entry, Gayane Barseghyan and Sevag Agop, American University of Armenia

IMF best papers
Efficiency of the Monetary Policy in Low Income Indebted Countries, Hayk Sargsyan, Central Bank of Armenia

Responses of Firms to Tax, Administrative and Accounting Rules: Evidence from Armenia, Zareh Asatryan, ZEW Mannheim and University of Mannheim, Germany, and Andreas Peichl, LMU Munich and CESifo, Germany

World Bank best paper on inclusive growth
Enabling Conditions for Inclusive Growth in Armenia: Evidence form Household Integrated Living Conditions Survey, Vahram Ghushchyan and Narek Ohanyan, American University of Armenia

2016 Recipients of best conference papers

Armen Alchian awards – general interest
Minorities and Long-run Development: Persistence of Armenian and Greek Influence in Turkey, Gunes Gokmen,
New Economic School, Russia (with Cemal Eren Arbatli, NRU Higher School Of Economics, Russia)

Costly Voting in Runoff Elections, Mariam Arzumanyan, Central Bank of Armenia (with Mattias Polborn, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)

Systemic Operational Risk:  Spillover Effects of Large Operational Losses in the European Banking Industry, Suren Pakhchanyan, University of Oldenburg, Finance and Banking (with Thomas Kaspereit, Kerstin Lopatta,- University of Oldenburg, Chair of Accounting and Corporate Governance, Jörg Prokop – Chair of Finance and Banking)

CIS market integration and price transmission along the supply chains – What are the main driving forces and challenges? Ivan Djuric, Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO), Germany

Grigor Artzruni awards – young scholars
Problems of assessment and forecasting of exogenously driven inflation: case of Armenia, Hovsep Patvakanyan, Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University

The Effects of Varying Contract Terms for Consumer Credit with Marginal Borrowers: Evidence from Mexico, Diego Jimenez Hernandez, Stanford University, USA Trade Shocks and Business Cycles in Emerging Economies, Karolina Matikyan and Mane Harutyunyan, Central Bank of Armenia

Feasibility Assessment of Producing Buckwheat through Agricultural Cooperatives in Armenia, Gayane Petrosyan, ICARE

IMF best paper awards — trade and macroeconomics
Monetary policy in an open economy: the role of financial dollarization, Narek Ohanyan, American University of Armenia

Developments of Credit Demand and Supply in Armenian Banking System, Hayk Sargsyan, Central Bank of Armenia

2015 Recipients of best conference papers

Armen Alchian awards — general interest
Vardan Baghdasaryan, American University of Armenia, “Electoral fraud and voter turnout: experimental study”

Vardan Avagyan, Erasmus University Rotterdam; “Riding Successive Product Diffusion Waves: Building a Tsunami via Upgrade-Rebate Programs”

Artashes Karapetyan, Central Bank of Norway; “Collateral versus Informed Screening during Banking Relationships, Artashes Karapetyan”

Grigor Arzruni Awards — young scholars
Lusine Badalyan, University of Bremen and Jacobs University; “Vote buying or (political) business (cycles) as usual?”
Natalie Nairi Quinn, University of Oxford; “The Impact of Agricultural Cooperatives on Livelihoods in Rural Armenia: A Propensity Score Matching Approach”

David Adunts, American University of Armenia; “Social Norms of Distributive Justice and Kuznets Curve”

2014 Recipients of best conference papers

IMF best paper awards (sponsored by IMF)
Gayane Barseghyan, the Central Bank of Armenia and American  University of Armenia
Title: Income Distribution and Macroeconomics: The impact of  Technological Progress
Vahagn Jerbashian, University of Barcelona and CERGE-EI
Title: The Impact of Doing-business Regulations on Investments in ICT

Grigor Artzruni awards — young scholars (sponsored by USAID/FED)
Lilia Aleksanyan, Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne
Title: Economic and Financial Determinants of Firm Bankruptcy: Evidence from French Manufacturing Firms
Saba Devdariani, ISET, Georgia
Title: Improving on the ‘Ramdom Path’-Algorithm
Michael Ghukasyan, Yerevan State University
Title: Dynamic modeling of the structure of Armenia’s economy (in Armenian)

Armen Alchian awards — general interest (sponsored by USAID/FED):
Aleksandr Grigoryan, American University of Armenia
Title: Migration and Power
Nune Hovhannisyan, Loyola University Maryland
Title: Technology Sourcing through International Business Travel
Gurgen Aslanyan, CERGE-EI
Title: Are Bismarckian Pensions Immune to Unskilled Immigration?

2013 Recipients of best conference papers (sponsored by USAID/EDMC)

Sergey Mergelyan awards
Armen Arakelyan (University College for Financial Studies, Madrid)
Aleksandr Gevorkyan (St. John’s University)
Arevik Mkrtchyan (European University Institute, Florence)
Gayane V. Barseghyan (Central Bank of Armenia)

Grigor Artzruni awards (for young scholars)
Ashot Nanyan (Yerevan State University) and Mikael Ghukasyan (Yerevan State University)
Hayk Kamalyan (Central Bank of Armenia)
Ana Mazmishvili (International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University)
Aram Derdzyan (International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University)

2012 Recipients of best conference papers (sponsored by USAID/EDMC)

Tadevos Avdalbekyan award for papers by local Graduate Students
Gayane Barseghyan (Yerevan State University and CBA)
Gurgen Gasparyan (Yerevan State University and CBA)
Shogher Ghazaryan (Yerevan State University)

Grigor Artzruni award for papers by PhD Students and Young Scholars (Caucasus’ origin studying or living abroad)
Vahagn Jerbashian (CERGE-EI)
Zareh Asatryan (University of Freiburg)
Arevik Mkrtchyan (EUI Florence)
Annie Tortian (Haigazian University)

Sergey Mergelyan for general papers (open rank and country of citizenship)
Aleksandr Grigoryan (American University of Armenia) and Edgar Begrakyan (Central Bank of Armenia)
Karen Poghosyan (Central Bank of Armenia)
Nino Doghonadze (ISET Tbilisi)