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Armenian Economic Association does not have income sources and runs on the generous contributions by various donors – institutional and individual, in-kind or monetary, and most importantly in time and effort.
Thus, Armenian Economic Association thanks all the members – past and present – of the Board of Directors and many of the general members who have contributed greatly without expecting anything in return. Further, AEA expresses immense gratitude to all the institutions and individuals listed below.

Individual donors

Patrons (contributions over 3000 USD)

Renita Esayian
David Joulfaian
Randall Filer and Barbara Forbes

Supporters (contributions over 500 USD)

Lisa Esayian
Jerome Marcus
Thelma Tajirian
Ted Griffith
Steven Kamajian
Shushan Hakobyan
Greg Burns

Gohar Sedrakyan


Mikayel Tovmasyan
Satenik Sargsyan
Satenik Jerbashian-Mkoyan

Keynote Speeches

Daron Acemoglu (MIT)
Levon Barseghyan (Cornell)
Tito Boeri (Bocconi)
Ruben Enikolopov (NES)
Randall K. Filer (CUNY)

Sergei Guriev (Sciences Po)
Friedrich Heinemann (ZEW)
Arye Hilmann (Bar Illan)
Armen Hovakimian (CUNY)
Francesca Molinari (Cornell)

Lee Ohanian (UCLA)
Mattias Polborn (Vanderbilt)
Xavier Raurich (U Barcelona)

Johanna Rickne (Stockholm U)

Music and Art

– Artur Avanesov
– David Balasanyan
– Artur Hovhannisyan
– Gohar Sargsyan
– Lilit Soghomonyan

Institutional Donors

Central Bank of Armenia