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Macroeconomics workshop on Growth Theory

Macroeconomics workshop on Growth Theory, by Vahagn Jerbashian, University of Barcelona, Spain
hosted by CRRC at 2-4PM on Monday, June 20, 2016.

This workshop is state of the art lecture on modern economic growth theory. It starts with a brief discussion of neoclassical growth theories and earlier contributions by Ramsey (1928) and Solow (1957).
It shows that these earlier contributions cannot explain long run growth. It proceeds to a brief discussion of endogenous growth
theories with human capital accumulation and ideas/knowledge (Lucas, 1988; Romer, 1990) which are suited for explaining long run growth. Modern theories of growth with ideas posit exchange of ideas but do not model the microeconomics of it. This workshop discusses a recent model which adds market for ideas to a stylized growth model and shows its growth and welfare implications.

Location: 1 Alex Manoogian Street, YSU Library building, 6th floor, room 602
Duration: 2-4 PM

Lecture notes:!AoyEZJ6snbHHgYpnGWqBYsueVnSLmg

Prerequisites: Audience should be comfortable with calculus.

About the instructor: Vahagn Jerbashian is an Assistant Professor of economics at the University of Barcelona, Spain. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from CERGE-EI, Czech Republic.

AEA thanks CRRC for hosting the workshop and Professor Jerbashian for donating his time.