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Armen Alchian Award

Armen Alchian Award

In recognition of the significant contributions made by Armen Alchian, one of the greatest Armenian economists of the 20th century, the Armenian Economic Association named the main award after him on the occasion of his 100th anniversary in 2014. Armen Alchian established the UCLA tradition in Economics, leaving a lasting legacy through his influential articles and the writing of a renowned university textbook (that has undergone multiple editions and continues to be used by top universities, and thus has educated and inspired generations of economists worldwide). Armen Alchian’s scholarly achievements were highly regarded, and many anticipated his potential candidacy for the Nobel Prize.

The Alchian Award is bestowed in the form of a medal, designed by the artistic duo known as Jevo – twin brothers from Gyumri. The medal, meant to be worn around the neck, features a defining portrait of Armen Alchian on its obverse side. The design captures his unique essence and serves as a tribute to his profound intellectual contributions to the field of Economics.

The Armen Alchian Award is given for the best general-interest work presented at the Annual Meetings of the Association. 

Alchian laureates

  • Davit Gomtsyan (2023)
  • Hayk Hambardzumyan (2022)
  • Corina Boar and Virgiliu Midrigan (2021)
  • Vladimir Asriyan (2020)
  • Armenak Antinyan (2019)
  • Nikolaos Artavanis (2018)
  • Tatevik Sekhposyan (2017)
  • Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan (2017)
  • Gunes Gokmen (2016)
  • Mariam Arzumanyan (2016)
  • Suren Pakhchanyan (2016)
  • Ivan Djuric (2016)
  • Vardan Baghdasaryan (2015)
  • Vardan Avagyan (2015)
  • Artashes Karapetyan (2015)
  • Aleksandr Grigoryan (2014)
  • Nune Hovhannisyan (2014)
  • Gurgen Aslanyan (2014)