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Webinar on COVID-19

Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Armenian Economic Association Annual Meetings are preceded by an invited webinar session about the current pandemic and its economic impact. The webinar starts at 6 pm Yerevan time (10AM New York time) on June 25. It addresses a broad set of topics related to the importance of testing and age-specific policies, infections in firms and strategies to reduce infection rates, the effect of the pandemic on firm- and industry-dynamics and unemployment, and the implications of the pandemic for macroeconomic policies. It also includes a presentation of a recent survey of Armenian economists and professionals focusing on the effects of the pandemic on the Armenian economy and potential policy responses.

6:00 – 7.30 pm on June 25 (Yerevan time)

1. An economic model of the Covid-19 epidemic: The importance of testing and age-specific policies, Phillip Kircher, European University Institute (joint with Luiz Brotherhood, Cezar Santos and Michèle Tertilt):

2. Firm Behavior during an Epidemic, Luiz Brotherhood, Universitat de Barcelona (with Vahagn Jerbashian, University of Barcelona)

3. The Impact of Coronavirus on Formal Firms: an Application using Tax Data across Countries, Pierre Bachas, World Bank (with Anne Brockmeyer and Camille Semelet)

7.45 – 8.15 pm
A short presentation of results from a survey of economists in Armenia about the impact of COVID and potential policies

8.15 – 9.45 pm

4. Labor Markets during Pandemics, Marek Kapicka, CERGE-EI (joint with Peter Rupert)

5. Covid-19 Coronavirus and Macroeconomic Policy, Luca Fornaro, UPF (joint with Martin Wolf)

6. A Model of Asset Price Spirals and Aggregate Demand Amplification of a “Covid-19” Shock, Alp Simsek, MIT (joint with Ricardo Caballero)