Graduate Lecture Notes
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MIT OpenCourseWare

Microeconomics, Iowa State University
Microeconomic Theory, Texas A&M University
Advanced Microeconomics: Game theory, University of Maryland
Game Theory, University of Arizona
Strategic Foundations of General Equilibrium, New York University
Microeconomic Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Problems, JHU

Macroeconomics, Queen's University
Exercises in Recursive Macroeconomic Theory, New York University
Introduction to Continuous-Time Asset Pricing, University of Michigan
Advanced Growth Theory, Vahagn Jerbashian, cerge-ei

Introduction to Probability, Dartmouth College
Probability Theory, New York University
Econometrics, Iowa State University
Econometrics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Econometric Analysis of Panel Data, NYU

Mathematical Economics
Mathematics for Economists, Boston College
Quantitative Methods in Economic Analysis, Iowa State University
Mathematical Tools for Economists, University of California, Berkley

International Economics
Advanced Topics in International Trade, Harvard University
International Macroeconomics, Columbia University  

Labor Economics
Economics of Labor

Public Economics
Theory of Public Goods and Externalities, University of California

Economic Development

Environmental Economics
Environmental and Resource Economics, Iowa State University

Financial Economics
Lecture Notes in Financial Economics, LSE (pdf 4.76MB)

Corporate Finance, New York University
Introduction to Investment Theory, Yale University
Investment Management, New York University
Valuation, New York University
Empirical Finance, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
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