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Annual meetings

The Armenian Economic Association’s Annual Meetings gathers economists from around the globe to present and discuss the latest developments in the economics profession. Topics from each and any aspect of economics, finance, and management are covered, however, the main emphasis is on the emerging economies. The event is a great opportunity for networking, especially for the newcomers to the profession (AEA prides itself in creating a strong Armenian Economics Diaspora). The meetings are scheduled each year on the first Thursday after the 20th of June to last for 3 days (June 25-27, 2020; June 24-26, 2021; June 30 – July 2, 2022). The locations vary across Yerevan, Armenia and occasionally off Yerevan meetings are possible.

The meetings usually have spinoff events, such as the discussions directed towards informed policy-advising or lectures with an aim to support capacity building locally.

Monthly Research Seminars

Every month penultimate Friday Armenian Economic Association hosts a researcher presenting their latest work related to the topics of utmost importance.

If you are interested in presenting your work or want us to invite someone or discuss a specific topic, please do contact us.

Women in Economics

WEW highlights the importance of female economists to the profession. The main mission of the event is to bring more females to the economics profession and nurture the existing female economists in Armenia (and Georgia). The workshop features female (gender) economics issues, research conducted by females, and special skill-enhancing seminars for female economists.

Ad hoc workshops and lectures

Many irregular events are organised throughout the year depending on the need. Frequently, Data workshops are organised with various focus (e.g. data on Armenia, or labour data). Seminars and lectures are organised when necessary (e.g. publication workshop).